"Blood Trouble" (God Wars #2) by Connie Suttle

Blood Trouble (God Wars, Book 2) - Connie Suttle


After being mistreated all her life, the mortal as well as the immortal one, Breanne wants to start over. She folds time and start to live her life a new and find a place for herself. 

For the first time she feels free and a master of her life. She even meets a man she is attracted to and, but as his secret comes out and Breanne is reminded of her past, everything around her starts to crumble. 

The gods who are looking for The Mighty Three are also hunting her and Breanne has no knowledge of what she is and how important she is for the survival of the universe. 

When life she had created for herself threatens to be swallowed by her past, and her anonymity is taken away, will Bree run and hide, or face her past and enemies head-on?

My thoughts: Like always, Connie Sutlle's story is very compelling. I love her female characters, who, although tortured in the past, rise from the ashes of their past and try to make a world a better place for those who suffered. What can I say. Another great book by Connie Suttle. I can only give a standing ovation.