"Mystery Man" by Kristen Ashley

Mystery Man  - Kristen Ashley


Meet Gwendolyn "Gwen" Kidd, who has a little problem with a man:


"I was already regularly sleeping with a man whose name I didn’t know. A man I met at a restaurant just under a year and a half ago, took him to my home, slept with him, had the best sex in the history of womanhood and, fortunately or unfortunately depending on when I looked at it, he kept coming back for more, proving again and again that first time wasn’t a fluke but, instead, a sneak preview of better things to come."


She also has problems with her sister:


“Ginger. A pain in my ass. A pain in my ass since the day she cut off all the hair on my Barbies. She was three. I was too old for Barbies but they were mine. She couldn't leave them alone? What’s with cutting their hair?”[...]I think that’s what psychos do. We should have known then. She’s three, wielding scissors and causing mayhem and heartbreak.[...]She was always, always a bad seed.”




“All right, how much does she owe you?”




“Two million, three hundred and fifty-seven thousand, one hundred and seven dollars”


Now meet  Cabe “Hawk” Delgado, who knows everything about Gwen:


“Yeah, Gwen, I know your name. Gwendolyn Piper Kidd. Thirty-three years old. Self-employed, freelance editor. You pay your taxes on time, your mortgage on time and your bills on time. Married once for two years to a man who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and who has since married three other women and is currently engaged in his fourth divorce. Your father is Baxter Kidd, ex-Army, current construction foreman, married to Meredith Kidd, executive secretary to a hotshot divorce attorney who, incidentally, pulled your shit outta that mess you got into with that asshole. You hang with Camille Antoine who works dispatch for Denver PD and Tracy Richmond who works everywhere, mostly retail. You string along Troy Loughlin, who’d kill to get in your pants but you have no clue and he has no balls. Your sister is the definition of loser. You spend too much on clothes. When you go out, you show too much skin. And the only man you’ve fucked for a year and a half is me.”




(Gwen)“How do you know so much about me?”


“Sweet Pea, I know who I fuck,”


Now those two will have to work together to find Gwen's sister and try not to get blown out, shot, or kidnapped in the meantime.


Funny, full of action romantic comedy by Kristen Ashley, the master of Alpha Male characters. I highly recommend it.