Destroyer (Legend of the Ir'Indicti #5)

Destroyer (Legend of the Ir'Indicti #5) - Connie Suttle


Ashe doesn't have a nice quite life. He is a teenager who has a power like no other and who is being hunted because of it. Everyone want a piece of him: the government, vampires, werewolves and those are "the good guys" as well as Dark and Bright Elemaiya who just simply want to kill him. Abandoned by his parents and loosing his best friend because of unfounded prejudice Ashe tries to find himself and understand what he is and what that means to him, his friends and family and what does it mean for Earth itself and the Universe. Tough decisions has to be made, goodbyes said. The 5th book of Ashe's story didn't disappointed me at all. I loved the story and the ending. Everything is were it's supposed to be. Really great read. Once again Connie Suttle showed why I love her books. :)