Demon's Dream (High Demon #6)

Demon's Dream (High Demon #6) - Connie Suttle


After years of fighting her battles all alone, Reah finally had enough. She has been abused and neglected all her life, her own daughters know nothing about her, her mates can't understand her and to make it even worse now she is a laughing stalk of both Alliances worlds.Reah is depressed and tired. After 25 years of being forgotten by her mates now they want her back but things aren't that simple. Can Reah forgive all her mates and start over with them or is she going to choose to run away from them and find happiness elsewhere, far away from them all?


My Thoughts: Every time I read one of Connie Suttle's books I loose myself in a world that she has created for her characters. When I'm starting reading her works I usually don't put it down until I finish all of it and Demon's Dream wasn't an exception. Demon's Dream is simply a great book. There is nothing I didn't like about it. After everything that Reah has been through, it's a miracle that she's still trying to help others rather then thinking only about herself. I am simply in love with the world created by Connie Suttle and can't wait for her new series "God Wars" to come out. :)