Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake


Okay, so the first thing after 2 or 3 chapters was "It's just like Supernatural", so I was thinking about putting the book down and I actually did, for a whole day, them my curiosity got better of me and started it reading it today. And I'm glad I did.Does it still remind me of Supernatural? Yes, but more twister and better version of it. The magic didn't feel so sci-fi as it often does, but more tangible and real. Ghosts as an entities were also something I could easily imagine. And of course there were parts of the book, that made me turn on the light in most rooms in my apartment (like that will help *smirks*) and hope that none of the stuff from this book will keep me up at night.Really liked this book but not planning to reread it anytime soon ;).