Blood Double

Blood Double - Connie Suttle


What would you do, if you were suddenly taken to a different planet and left behind without any instructions, whatsoever and later on accused and brutally bitten for a crime you haven't committed and left for death? Well, Breanne doesn't even have a luxury to make any choices. She is turned into a vampire against her will, her appearance changed to match those of the Queen of the LeAth Veronis, to stand as her double, whether she likes it or not.Mistreated (if you can even call it that) all her life, Breanne is at the end of her rope. She doesn't want to parade as a Queen, but she has no say on that matter or, to be fair, in any matter. Because of her gift, or rather - as she likes to think of it - her curse, she can read any person she gazes upon. That makes her very valuable and, at the same time, very dangerous to those around her. Will Breanne do as she is told or will she snap and turn on people who mistreat her? You have to read this book to find out :)


My thoughts: I've said it many times and I say it again, I love the world and characters that Connie Suttle creates. I simply get lost in her books and have to remind myself to eat and drink, 'cause it's so hard for me to put her books down once I start reading one of them. This book is not an exception of that rule. The old characters from previous books which I grown to love are present and we can experience what is happening to them and what changes their life created for them. Breanne is another strong woman character and like Lisa and Reah, she didn't have a happy life. We learn so much about Breanne in this book but maybe because of that I'm really curious about Kay/Kalia so I'm looking forward for the next book in the series :)