"Fire Inside" by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley


It's been 8 years since Lenie's fiancé has been killed and she nearly died herself. 8 years of breathing and going through the motion of life but not living it. Lenie is at her breaking point and wants to feel something good for a change. Something, that will let her forget the pain and the loneliness of her existence, and let her let go of memories that hunt her day and night. And she was going to let herself forget for just one night in the arms of one of the Chaos man, Hop. At least that was the plan.Funny, steamy, sexy and lovely story of starting to learn how to live again, and how to let someone in. For one of Kristen Ashley's book it was less drama then usual but the story is really captivating and well told. Really liked it and will definitely continue with this series :)