Truth: Consequences #2

Truth - Aleatha Romig


Okay. I feel like I should have multiple rating scales. One for style, one for story, and maybe one for continuation with a story. To put it more simply, I still don't like the constant POV change, but it isn't as bad as in the firs book, so my rating would be 3,5 stars. If I would have to rate the story as a stand alone novel, I would rate it 4 stars. I liked the intrigued (even if I caught up pretty early who is who and what is going on) and the romance was great.If I have to rate this book as a continuation to the series, I would rate it at 2,5 stars. What I liked in the first book (the bad guy stays bad, and doesn't become a nice lovable guy) is unfortunately absent in this book. In my opinion absolutely nothing justify Tony's behavior in book one. What he did to Claire cannot be undone and I was screaming through out the whole book that she's a stupid idiot! Like I already said, if it would be a stand alone novel, I would love Tony, but as it is, I have to say - GO TO HELL!!!That all doesn't mean that I won't read the 3rd book when it comes out. Truthfully I can't wait, but I will read it as a separate book and not as a continuation of the series.