"Broken Dove" by Kristen Ashley

Broken Dove  - Kristen Ashley


Ilsa never had the easy life. Her parents didn't really care about and her father always had a negative view on world and everything around him, so when one day she met Apollo "Pol" Ulfr, handsome and powerful man, who showered her with gifts and affection, no wonder she decided to marry him and get away from her home. She didn't even care that he was a Drug Lord, because she was finally happy and free to do whatever she wanted, at least that was what she had thought. Very quickly her fairy tell turned into nightmare. Constant biting and mental abusing manage to do what her father didn't, they had broken her.


Now 3 years on the run from the man, she thought she loved at some point, she's alone and scared, but what is worse, he managed to find her. This time she is ready to defend herself, or at least she is ready to die trying rather than come back to him. When nothing goes as she had planned, and she is about to be taken back, the unimaginable thing happens. There are two Apollos standing in her room and they are fighting each other, and next thing she knows she's on a soft bed somewhere with the "good" Apollo. She than learns that she was taken to the other world, the world where everyone have a twin to people from her's, and that she is a twin to "good" Apollo's wife, and that Apollo is the one who took her out of her world. How fantastical is that?


Unfortunately from the very beginning it is clear, that Apollo regrets taking Ilsa 'cause she is a reminder of his loss. He can barely look at her and not see his beautiful but dead wife so he tries to distance himself from her and leaves her with his man to look after her. But Ilsa, free for the first time of her life, takes this opportunity to start her life a new, and discover who she is or who she want's to be in this new, fantastical world. 

Everything is going fine until she meets with Apollo again and tells him, she wants to leave his care and stand on her own. She is sure there would be no problem with Apollo letting her go, since he can't even stay with her in the same room without wanting to be gone as soon as possible. So she is shocked when he denies her request and tells her she is to stay with him or she can go to his home and look after his children and those choices are the only one she gets.


Not able to face the unknown children, she goes with Apollo. When the desire between them stirs, witches to meddle in their business, and a war on this new world brews near, will Ilsa and Apollo be able to put their past behind them and face the future together, or will their past destroy what they could had have?


My Thought

Great beautifully told story of a broken woman and a broken man. Story of "love conquers all" kind and, from now on, one of my favorites of Kristen Ashley's books. I recommend it to everyone who is a fun of K.A. works and to all who loves good love stories. I literally couldn't put the book down.