Convicted (Consequences #3) -  Aleatha Romig


Claire Nichols is on the run, but not from the man the whole world believes she is running from, or is believed to have been killed by. No, Claire Nichols is running from a woman who she once considered to be the only friend she had had in Anthony Rawlings' house - Catherine. When her once again world crumbles, the whole truth is being reviled and the past is threatening Claire's and her unborn baby's future starts to be a little overwhelming. Will Claire find her happy ever after with a man who used to be her tormentor or will she find her happiness in someone else's arms? Will she ever to he world of Claire Nichols Rawlings or will she be in hiding for the rest of her life? to know the answers to those questions READ THIS BOOK! LOL :D


My Thoughts

Okay, to honest I have a really hard time in rating this book. It took me almost a week to read it and it was because I didn't know which way I wanted the story to continue. I'm still not totally convinced that I like the ending and to be honest, without the 1st book - which I actually loved - I would rate it higher, but because I know the WHOLE story I'm not quite comfortable with the ending.