Written in Red

Written in Red - Anne Bishop So okay the truth is I don't have words to describe this book. It is such a good story and the characters just speak to me.

Meg Corbyn isn't my usual choice of a female character, she is not sassy, bad-ass, guns blazing, sexy thing. She is more pure. She has a child's wonder about her and maybe because of that she is so much compelling. Because she never saw an outside world before she looks at things, people and Others differently and is able to find purpose for every living creature and not blame them for they nature.

Simon Wolfgard on the other hand is my typical male character: dark, sexy, leader and ruled by instinct rather than logic. He is very protective of his people and as soon as Meg comes into his live he considers her one of his pack and doesn't allow any harm to come to her.

I just simply love this book and I really didn't see it coming because like I said it's not my usual cup of tea but the story has that something, it will grab your heart and squeeze it and it takes a while for the grip to loosen up and finally let go.