I love it!

Gypsy Origins  - Kristy Cunning

Okay, so so far this is the best book in this series!

I love the way we learn more about Violet and what tape of monster she is o rather where her monster originated from because I'm still not really sure about the whole species thing but we learn more and more about Arion, Vance, Emit and Damien's past and I'm really intrigued.

I have to say that in this book Emit was my favorite simply because so far he was the only one of the guys who had sex with Violet and didn't over analyse it later on like Vance or Damien did and even though those two got their shot at a manege with Violet in this instalment, Emit still is my favourite for now.

Arion is batshit crazy but thanks to the background story I kind of understand him a little more but I'm still not clear what he really wants in the end and I suspect that he doesn't know it either.

I can't wait for the next book to come out ad am really happy that there will be more books to come because I love Violet and the guys and I don't want to say goodbye to them just yet