Angel Stakes: An Amber Farrell Novel - Mark Henwick, Lauren Sweet

Okay, I have to say that Angel Stakes is the best installment of Bite Back series yet. Like all of previews books, Angel Stakes is full of action but this time I felt it was more spaced and I didn't feel like I had to play catch up with the plot. There were times for action and times for a brief break for laughs.
The problem with human trafficking in Angel Stakes is a real thing and unfortunately it can happen to anyone and anywhere. Doesn't matter what country you are from there will always be predators waiting in a dark. This book shines a light on that problem and despite being urban fantasy it shouldn't be treated lightly.
In regards of Amber and her trauma hidden in a strongbox I kind of figured it out in book one when Amber was talking to Top but still knowing it and reading the full scope what happened is totally a different thing. What has been done to her is simply horrible and unfortunately it happens more often then we know. I don't know what is happening with our society nowadays but more and more people turn to violence and think it is okay to hurt another person for fun but I'm coming off topic here.
I also figured out who was on another tape that Amber got a long time ago but still figuring out and having it confirmed was still a shock.
Angels Stakes is a really good book and I can't wait for another installment in this series.