Blood Love (God Wars, #4), by Connie Suttle

Blood Love - Connie Suttle


Some people may think, that by being a god you can do whatever you want and have all the time in the world to do it. Well, those people would be wrong.

Coming back to life, Breanne has an endless to do list, and time is running out, in every time frame to be exact. While she is starting to get her strength back, the rogue gods are trying to destroy the universe as we know it and start their own regime. Bree, as one of the Three, can't aloud that to happen, and with the help of Ashe, and her mates, she takes on an impossible task. But how can you fight something that you can't find?


My thoughts:

I'm probably not an objective person to say it, since I love all of Connie Suttle's books, but this book is so far the best in the series, for me. There is everything you want to find in a book. Action, drama, romance and tragedy. That's not all hat you can find in this book, those are just the highlights. Connie Suttle has created a world (or worlds, which the case may be here) where everything is possible and the reader just can't takes his/hers eyes of the story being presented in such a wonderful package.