Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

Dear Amy - Helen Callaghan

Margot Lewis is a woman with a troubled past. She had couple mental break downs and a cheating husband who suddenly wants to start over but despite all that she is trying to live her life with a head held high. She woks as an English teacher but she is also a an agony aunt for 'The Cambridge Examiner' and has her column titled 'Dear Amy'.

When one of Margot former students go missing and everyone around her seem to believe that she just run away, Margot doesn't buy that. Her conviction deepens when someone claiming to be Bethany Avery, a girl that has been missing since the 90's and is presume dead, writes a letter to her column begging 'Dear Amy" to find her before her captor and tormentor will undoubtedly kill her.

Despite the fact that police don't believe her and that she has no other proof, Margot is convince that Katie, her missing former student, has been abducted by the same man that so many years earlier kidnapped Bethany Avery and that Bethany is still alive, hiding somewhere and trying to help another poor girl who goes through what she experienced on her own.

Will someone believe Margot and help her find Bethany and Katie or will she be forced to do it on her own? Read and find out :)

My Thoughts

The story on it's own isn't so bad. To be honest I would say it is good and captivating but... Yes there are to many 'but's' in this book and absurdity of procedure and the lack of proper way to handle mentally unstable person that it irritated me to no end. I would say that this book was more fiction thancriminal and the worst thing for me was that at the very beginning I've figured out the big secret that the author revels almost at the end of the book. So for me it was a bust but it isn't to say that this book doesn't have some good merits. So I do recommend it but please be aware hat you as a rider can sometimes get bored.