Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick #8)

Rock Chick Revolution - Kristen Ashley


The perfect ending to the great book series written by no other than Kristen Ashley herself!


I was waiting for this book for over a year and I am so happy that it didn't disappoint my expectations! Rock Chick Revolution tells the of Ally and Ren's love story, and like in all her previous book from this series (and other series) there is a lot of drama, humor, and love. We also get more then just a glimpse of what is happening with other Rock Chicks and how they story continues to evolve in beautiful fairytales that they were ment to be.


I loved every sentence in this book. I laughed, I cried and fell in love with the characters all over again. Seriously, great book to read! I highly recommend it to everyone who likes to read a good book and laugh out loud for, like, 57% of the book. I have only one thing to say: