Finder by Connie Suttle

Finder: First Ordinance, Book One - Connie Suttle
When You are born as nothing you die as nothing. When you have no parents, the only way to survive is to work for the privileged but otherwise you should be invisible. Don't stand out under any circumstances and maybe you'll going to live until adulthood. That is what Finder thought all her miserable life. She doesn't know where she came from, her own name or who her parents are. One day she was just left in Fyris palace kitchen and that was that. Unfortunately Finder couldn't be as invisible as she would like. Her many gifts, such as finding things, and knowing things about people made her hard to miss.

When Amlis, Prince of Fyris, decides to take Finder as a page, she knows that her life is about to change, the problem is, she doesn't know if it be for better or for worse. Things about to get more complicated for Finder but will she be able to face the challenges head on or will she crumble?

My Thoughts

I do love Connie Suttle's books and this one is no exception. The world the author creates is so unique and so touchable at the same time that it is easy for me to loose myself inside the story and sometimes hold my breath or shout at some of the characters.

Finder is a great book to read and to just let down your hair and enjoy. But whatever you do, just remember that you will never end it with just reading one book. If you start any of Connie Suttle's series you'll going to end up with reading them all. I highly recommend it :)