Dark Debt (Chicagoland Vampires #11) by Chloe Neill

Dark Debt - Chloe Neill

Ethan and Merit never seems to have a quiet night in their lives. Not only Ethan's maker miraculously came back to life and is knocking on Codogan's door wielding glamour Merit had never felt before, but also Merit's nearly-ex-boyfriend Morgan is in big trouble. Everything is spinning out of control and there is no time to waste. Lives have to be saved, enemies defeated and still there has to be time to squeeze in some alone time with friends and sexy Master Vampire. Well, the night is long, but maybe sometimes not long enough.

My thoughts

Dark Debt is a great read, it's dramatic, funny, maybe sometimes a little predictable but all in all it is a book worth of waiting for and the fans of Merit and Ethan won't be disappointed. I highly recommend it.